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Rockledge's first transparent veterinary hospital! No longer will you wonder what happens with your pet when they are "taken to the back." Come see our treatment area completely surrounded by glass.  At Schroeck Veterinary Care, we know our patients are more than just your pets, they are family! And we are devoted to providing the highest quality care to our patients while ensuring that your family is in great hands! Proudly serving Rockledge, Viera, and Cocoa!




Welcome to SVC, Brevard's first transparent veterinary clinic! We are a privately owned veterinary hospital concentrating on providing personalized care for your pet, while at the same time establishing a trusting relationship with you. Our mission at Schroeck Veterinary Care is to provide an environment where our clients are confident in knowing that their pets are receiving the best veterinary care possible. We achieve this mission by taking the time to actively listen to your concerns about your pet's health and by thoroughly completing a comprehensive veterinary exam. In addition, we acknowledge the anxiety and nervousness that pets often times exhibit when they enter a veterinary hospital. At Schroeck Veterinary Care, we strive to make your pet's veterinary visit a pleasant and fear free experience. Our treatment area is completely surrounded by glass, allowing clients to observe their pets being cared for, while giving pets the ability to visualize their owner at all times.

Schroeck Veterinary Care may be brand new, but Dr. Schroeck has been practicing in Brevard County for 15 years! We are so excited to start this new adventure and we hope that you and your pets will join us!



From routine spays and neuters to mass removals, our doctors and staff are highly skilled and trained to perform numerous surgical procedures on cats, dogs, pocket pets, and exotics too! SVC will be your family's support system every step of the way providing you with constant updates, via text, on your pet's surgical procedure in effort to give you peace of mind.


Diagnostics such as bloodwork, radiology, and ultrasound give us so much insight on the health status of pets. When performing routine diagnostics, we can utilize these tools to catch disease in the early stages and be able to implement lifestyle changes to slow the progression and extend your pet's quality of life.
Have a master escapee? Come get them microchipped! Contrary to what is often believed to be a tracking device, a microchip is a tool that gives the pet a unique identification number and plays a major role in reuniting lost pets. Another plus, when scanned, the chip also provides the pet's temperature so we can refrain from making them uncomfortable when a temperature is needed.
Dental disease in animals may be more common than you think! Over 80% of dogs have some stage of dental disease by the age of three years old.  Dental radiology allows us to look at your pet's oral health on a deeper level, where most of the dental disease begins.  Schroeck Veterinary Care is proficient in 
performing very detailed dental cleanings and providing the necessary education and supplies to help preserve their beautiful smile and prevent bad breath!
Vaccines are an important part of preventative care for pets! With so many harmful diseases in the environment, we offer wellness packages that provide the necessary vaccines, exams, parasite prevention, and more to protect them!
There are several uses and advantages to laser therapy. Laser therapy is extremely beneficial in promoting healing, reducing inflammation, alleviating pain and so much more! Uses for laser therapy in pets include post surgical, arthritis, wound treatment, ear infections, and muscle injuries just to name a few.

We treat a variety of species! Whether your pet is a reptile, bird, guinea pig, or pocket pet, our exotic loving staff will be happy to care for them! 




1954 Rockledge Blvd #109,

Rockledge, FL 32955

Tel:  (321) 482-4838


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday


10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


8:00 AM - 2:00 PM



Saturday & Sunday


Thank You! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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