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Exotic Pet Services in Rockledge, FL

At Schroeck Veterinary Care we are familiar with the proper handling and care of those pets that aren’t just dogs and cats.  Dr. Schroeck has been working with exotic pets for over 17 years and her staff is trained to assist her in examining any exotic pet.  Dr. Schroeck has experience with all types of birds and offers full avian comprehensive exams to help keep your bird happy and healthy.  In addition, she and her veterinary technicians can provide wing, nail, and beak trims that are often needed several times a year for avian species. 

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Dr. Schroeck is also experienced with rabbit care and husbandry.  She has performed numerous rabbit spays and neuters.  Furthermore, Dr. Schroeck offers guidance and education in rabbit dentistry which is a common problem seen in many domestic rabbits.  

A Rabbit with overgrown mandibular incisors

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Dr. Schroeck also enjoys seeing reptiles, in fact, Bearded Dragons are one of her favorites! Reptile husbandry is extremely important and Dr. Schroeck will guide you in ensuring that you have the proper environmental set up that your reptile needs in order to prevent nutritional deficiencies that is often caused by poor living conditions.   Other exotic pets that Dr. Schroeck has experience with include guinea pigs, ferrets, iguanas, snakes, hamsters, gerbils, rats and even sugar gliders!  Give us a call and we can help you with your exotic pet!

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