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Pet Vaccinations in Rockledge, FL

Our environment contains many infectious diseases that can potentially cause illness or harm to you and your beloved pet. Whether you love hiking in the great outdoors with your furry companion, or enjoy taking them on the boat or on the beach, or even allowing them to have social playdates at doggie daycares, SVC is here to develop a vaccine protocol that fits your pet and your family’s lifestyle needs.

Puppies and kittens have immature immune systems and are more susceptible to contracting a variety of harmful diseases, and they need our help to fight them off and stay healthy! Take a look at our Puppy and Kitten ‘Preventative Care Schedules’ to learn about the many different infectious diseases and how you can protect your pet with the proper vaccinations.

Call us today and let us develop a regimen for your pet to keep them protected for life!

Puppy Preventative Care Schedule

Kitten Preventative Care Schedule

We take the “Ouch” out of vaccines!

We like to keep our patients happy and keep those tails wagging! Here at Schroeck Veterinary Care, we make an extra effort to ensure our patients are comfortable while receiving their vaccines. Whether they like yummy peanut butter treats, cookies, or extra cuddles, it is our mission to make sure they are comfortable and happy throughout the entire visit! Check out this puppy who is too busy enjoying his peanut butter to even notice that he is being vaccinated!

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