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Veterinary Diagnostic Testing in Rockledge, FL

Radiology, dental radiology, ultrasonography, and clinical pathology are only a few of the many tools that Dr. Schroeck and the SVC staff utilize in their daily work routine.  These diagnostic tools give insight in determining the root of a pet’s illness and within a timely manner.  

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Fast Diagnostics for Fast Diagnosis

It is not only the diagnostics that are important in providing a more definitive answer, but it is also the veterinarian and veterinary staff that interpret them! Dr. Schroeck and her staff attend numerous continuing education seminars and conferences each year.  These continuing education opportunities provide lectures and labs that are taught by experts in the veterinary field. Staying up to date with the changes of veterinary medicine allow our team to be proficient at providing the most accurate diagnosis for your pet.

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Call us to schedule your veterinary Radiology, Dental Radiology, Ultrasonography, and Clinical Pathology tests.

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