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Veterinary Surgical Services

Schroeck Veterinary Care offers surgical services for your pet at our Rockledge clinic.

What to expect when your pet has a surgical procedure at Schroeck Veterinary Care in Rockledge.

Surgery patients receive an injection prior to the procedure to aid in sedation and help with anxiety. This allows for less anesthesia to be needed for the procedure and provides extra pain control.


Within 30 minutes, the patient begins to feel the effects of the “pre-med” and an IV catheter is placed to give us access to a vein. This allows for IV fluids and medications to be administered during the procedure!


While the patient is sedated, we take advantage of providing services that they may not appreciate while awake, such as nail trims, anal gland expressions, microchipping, ear cleanings, and more!


SVC has a designated surgical suite to maintain a sterile environment for our surgical procedures.


A technician is monitoring the patient at all times, and the best monitoring equipment is used to ensure that all of the patient's vitals are known during the entire procedure!


Laser therapy is performed on every surgical site to promote faster healing!


During recovery, each patient is placed in a bedded cage with a warming unit to aid in comfort and temperature regulation.

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